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Greens call for reusable cups

Conservationists are calling for more coffee shops to offer reusable cups as it is revealed that 2.5bn disposable cups are discarded each year in the UK.

This number is forecast to rise to around 3bn by 2025. At present just 1% are recycled.

That coffee shops are failing to deal with huge quantity of disposable cups are thrown away in the UK annually has been exposed by the influential environment audit committee of MPs.

Committees chair Mary Creagh, said it was high time the big coffee chains did more to address waste. The Green Party’s MP Caroline Lucas said it was key to encourage the use of reusable cups.

There is no indication coffee shops are going rto decline in popularity any time soon. There are currently around 20,000 outlets in the UK and it is forecast this is likely to rise to 30,000 in the next eight years.