About Old Street Coffee Co

The Old Street Coffee Company is like no other!

We aim to challenge all industry preconceptions.

We are strongly against practices like poorly labelled coffee hiding low-cost, low -quality coffee. For this reason we partnered with Eco Roast. We taste tested and love our Old Street Coffee Co. Pure Life Blend Coffee, and was heavily involved in beans we chose to the labeling. We hope you get a chance to taste , and hopefully love it too!

Our equipment is completely reliable sourced only from quality asset suppliers.

Our team will get fair pay for the good day’s work. We will never pay just the minimum wage.

With the quality of our service we want our customers to enjoy the very best experience, while we seek to achieve new benchmarks in sustainability. It is our aim to ensure that all the coffee we supply is from sustainable sources with certifications from the likes of UTZ or Rain forest Alliance